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About Stown

Welcome to Stown!

What Is Stown? Stown is a UK based lifestyle magazine. Why Stown? To be honest, we just liked the name! We felt that it could be STrictly your OWN, or Social TOWN, and we later discovered that it is Scottish for “stolen”* – but honestly, we did not steal it! We have also been informed that it has a past – and was called Sleepy TOWN once, after a band by that name,  If a website were known by any other name ….. so there you go, Stown it is.

Who Is It For?

Stown is for you! As well as utilising a team of of eager (some would say overly eager) reporters and journalists, Stown also invites the local community to share their thoughts and ideas in our magazine.

*Examples of “Stown” in literature

“Old And New Times” by Alexander Boswell

Little was stown then, and less gaed to waste,
Barely a mullin for mice or for rattens;
The thrifty housewife to the flesh-market paced,
Her equipage a’–just a gude pair o’ pattens.

“The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter” by Frank Sidgwick
‘What is your will wi me, fair maid?
What is your will wi me?’
‘There is a man into your court
This day has robbed me.’
110B.13 ‘O has he taen your gold,’ he said,
‘Or has he taen your fee?
Or has he stown your maidenhead,
The flower of your bodye?’