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The Clean Label Movement Is Growing – Great News for Consumer Health

red Gold coup labelsThe Importance Of Product Transparency For Consumers

Tomato-based products brand, Red Gold, has unveiled a new line of labels for its cans which offer product transparency for the busy consumer.

Canned tomato brand ‘Red Gold’ is leading the way in providing ‘clean labels’ for customers to read. The clean label movement draws on the needs of busy consumers who don’t have time to scour through a list of ingredients and tiny text to learn about the origins of a product.

Clean Labels Promote Product Transparency

Brands such as Red Gold clearly display what is in their products, and more importantly what is not in their products. They have recently completed a redesign of their labels which now offer a clean, fresh and easy-to-read format. This gives shoppers all the information they require about their product purchase at a single glance from a well-designed food label.

Colt Reichart, the fourth-generation family owner of the Red Gold brand explained “No other canned tomato brand out there has this level of transparency on their labels. Rather than create something to meet other standards, we elevated our objectives to deliver information that’s top-of-mind among our consumers. We know our fellow food companies share that drive to exceed their customers’ expectations, and invite them to join us in this effort.”

Nutritional Knowledge Growth

Customers in the 21st century are now more knowledgeable than ever about nutrition. Although pricing motivates customers towards a purchasing decision, many consumers are also conscious about their health and achieving a balanced diet. The clean label movement makes it easier for buyers to identify any ‘nasties’ that might exist. Better still, some companies eliminate them from the product completely to boast a nutritious choice which is free from preservatives and other sugar-laden chemicals.

Red Gold has now converted to using Non-BPA/BPS lined cans and has also achieved Non-GMO status for its products.

As the old saying goes ‘you are what you eat’. The clean label movement simply makes it easier for consumers to ensure that they are making the right decisions for their bodies.

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