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Tories Consider UK Pharmacy Closures

Boos Pharmacy in Great BaddowApparently, there are too many pharmacies in the UK and many should be closed down. This comes from a Department of Health report, which is hoping to change the way 11,000 pharmacies are funded.

The DoH believes that many pharmacies are too close together – they define this as within 10 minutes walk of another.

However, for years the NHS has been urging people to visit their pharmacist before seeing a GP about routine and minor conditions. This means that pharmacies are keeping hay fever sufferers, people with migraines and those dealing with chronic health conditions away from GP surgeries, which is helping to keep the NHS running smoothly.

Pharmacies provide a simple, walk-in service for many people and the prospect of seeing thousands closed is unthinkable. It is thought that as many as 4,000 will be closed down, if the Department of Health gets its way.

However, the DoH says that the average pharmacy gets £220,000 in NHS funding every year, and this is no longer a viable option, due to reductions in budgets under the conservative government.

This news was raised by Pharmacy Voice, an organisation that supports High Street chemists. Pharmacy Voice describes the closure of community pharmacies as “catastrophic” and predict it will place an unmanageable burden on doctors.



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