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New Frontier (NFTC) would like to take this opportunity to describe the variety of programs and individual treatment plans we offer to help meet your special needs. Whether this is your first attempt at change or you are a veteran of a previous rehabilitation program we believe that our program can be of great help to you. Our professional staff and peers are available to help you achieve this goal. All agency programs are state licensed and accredited.

Our core services include several levels of residential treatment programs for adults and outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents. Clients are admitted into one of the treatment programs by referral from family members, criminal justice system, child welfare system, an employer or as a self-referral.

After an initial assessment to determine need for treatment and the level of care recommended, Clients are placed into either the outpatient or residential program.

During the assessment process the clinician will recommend the number of individual and group sessions the Client should attend in addition to tests and community self-help meetings. Clients must stay clean for the length of their treatment, and are subject to random drug testing. Those results are reported back to the drug court. If they fail a drug test, they are subject to community service hours or jail time.

The residential (inpatient) programs are more involved, and fall into one of three models: the social detox model, the med-high intensity residential program and low intensity advanced recovery.

Social Model Detox (Level 111.2d)

Clients who qualify for the SOCIAL MODEL DETOX program are medically cleared to stay at New Frontier, and have their vital signs monitored as they go through the withdrawal process.

NFTC admits detox clients into services anytime night or day. Detox screening may take place over the telephone or face-to-face in the case of a “walk-in”. Medical clearance will be required before a client can be admitted. Client is responsible for any prescribed medication.

Medical Clearance Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, Revised All residential staff receive detox training, CPR, Basic First Aid and have their Detox Technician Certificate Status A Vitals at least every 1-2 hours Monitored every ½ hour

Status B

Vitals at least every 2-4 hours Monitored every 2 hours

Status change based on clients current condition and withdrawal symptoms

Clients that are outside our parameters receive immediate medical attention and are referred to the triage center in Reno or other medically managed detox facilities.

Clinically Managed Medium Intensity Inpatient Treatment (Level 111.3)

The Medium Intensity Inpatient Treatment client can expect to have a complete medical physical upon acceptance into the program, and stay at New Frontier for an average 4-6 weeks treatment - durations based on clients individualized needs. Clients are tested for tuberculosis and sexually-transmitted diseases through the Community Health Nurse.

While in treatment at NFTC, clients are on a regimented schedule including individual and group sessions, exercise periods, and a weekly family session. Clients will be attending group sessions, individual counseling, substance abuse education classes, recreation, and may be introduced to Twelve Step meetings. Phone calls and family contact are limited so clients can focus on themselves and their recovery.

After successful completion of Level 111.3, when they are stable enough to rely on their family support system or their job, clients will be transferred to one of NFTC’s outpatient facilities or to another agency.

Advanced Recovery

This is a less intensive program and has a longer commitment with the possibility of up to two years depending on client’s need. Clients in this program have successfully completed the medium-high intensity inpatient program. They are helped through the normal things of life that they haven’t been doing because of their addiction.

The underlying goal of the Low Intensity Inpatient Program is to provide case management, facilitate life skills training and steer the client toward a supportive environment, whether that is family, church, a support group, or other mechanism.

Clients in the program are required to fill out a daily goal plan, to be approved by staff, which details their intended activities and whereabouts throughout the day. Clients are required to follow their schedule explicitly, find employment within two weeks of entering this level of treatment, attend weekly residential meetings, obtain a sponsor within one week of entering this level, attend group sessions and individual counseling, and maintain a clean living environment. Once employed, clients in the Advanced Recovery Program pay weekly on their treatment bill, which varies depending on client’s income level.

Case Management Housing Medical Legal Voc. Rehab Volunteer Programs Life Skills Facilitation Employment Budgeting Recovery Planning Family and parenting Supportive Environment Recovery Activities Supervision and Monitoring Individual and Group Counseling

From the Advanced Recovery Program, clients transfer to the Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

Clinical Supervisors:

Theresa Lemus, LADC, RN - Clinical and Grant Consultant Leigh Church, LADC, CPC - Clinical Lynda Harper, LADC - Clinical Michelle Melendy, LADC - Clinical Denise Quirk, MFT, LADC, NCGC, CPGC - Clinical Kathleen Needham, LADC - Clinical
Residential for sale - 2129 Frontier Drive, Colorado
Residential for sale - 2129 Frontier Drive, Colorado ...
2/9/2016: Video rant on frontier internet service (a Review)
2/9/2016: Video rant on frontier internet service (a Review)
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