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Basandra v. Sforza, a recent decision by the Court of Appeal, revisits the issue of the deductibility of no-fault accident benefits from an award for tort damages.[1]2
By: Leanne Zawadzki, Lerners LLP

The Board of Directors of CDL is enormously proud to announce the establishment of the Canadian Defence Lawyers Foundation (CDLF), a registered charity dedicated to providing scholarships to worthy Canadian law school students.


Register Now for the Paralegal Program, Canadian Defence Lawyer’s annual West Coast conference for defence paralegals! Don’t miss your chance for exceptional CLE at an exceptional price.

A targeted program for new insurance defence lawyers, articling students and claims examiners, offering broad overviews of the most important law and procedures!

How to effectively and properly argue contested motions From CDL's Young Lawyers Committee

CDL Annual Meeting and Conference - the only CLE giving you a national perspective on issues affecting the Defence Bar


Program Materials

2015 Insurance Symposium - DVD $339
CPD 6.5 Substantive View Summary

2014 Insurance Symposium - DVD $339
2 hrs Professionalism, 4.5 hrs Substantive View Summary



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Great Canadian Defence LLWS 2010
Great Canadian Defence LLWS 2010
UFO Contact ~ Former Canadian Defence Minister
UFO Contact ~ Former Canadian Defence Minister
Punjabi Interview With Canadian Defence Minister Harjit
Punjabi Interview With Canadian Defence Minister Harjit ...
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