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Residential Care Services

An action (that is not an accident) that injures, intimidates, punishes, or unreasonably confines a vulnerable adult. Abuse can be physical, mental, sexual, or coercive.

Possible signs of abuse:

  • Unexplained injuries, bruises
  • Fear, withdrawal or agitation


A person with a responsibility for a vulnerable adult leaves him or her without a way to obtain basic life necessities.

Possible signs of abandonment:

  • A vulnerable adult is left alone in the home
  • A vulnerable adult calls for aid or help


A person with a responsibility for a vulnerable adult fails to provide necessary goods or services, fails to prevent physical or mental harm or puts the vulnerable adult in danger.

Possible signs of neglect:

  • Sudden decline in physical health, such as weight loss or skin ulcers
  • Untreated injuries or illness

Financial Exploitation

The illegal or improper use of the property, income, resources, or trust funds of the vulnerable adult.

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Download Residential Care Services for the Elderly
Download Residential Care Services for the Elderly ...
Read Residential Care Services for the Elderly: Business
Read Residential Care Services for the Elderly: Business ...
QCS CQC Residential Services Care Management System
QCS CQC Residential Services Care Management System
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