Why virtually every Canadian

Top Canadian Construction companies

PCL Constructors Inc., a construction and engineering firm based in Edmonton, has been on the list 14 years and this year comes in at number 42 of all employers in Canada. According to Macleans, the firm is 100 per cent employee-owned.

MNP LLP finishes ninth in Alberta and 38th in Canada. The professional services firm is headquartered in Calgary and has made the list for six years. According to Maclean's, the firm is on solid footing due to, among other things, a give-back ethos that supports local initiatives such as flood-relief efforts.

Gibson Energy Inc., based in Calgary, is an energy firm that cracks the countdown for the first time this year and also comes in at number 26 in the country. According to Maclean's, Gibson offers a flexible benefits plan that includes a vacation-purchase program and personal spending accounts.

Davis Automotive Group, an auto sales firm based in Lethbridge, is new to the list this year and also cracks the top 20 across Canada, snagging the 17th spot nationally.

Concept Group, an energy services firm in Calgary, makes the list for the first time with a solid showing - coming sixth in Alberta and 13th in Canada. According to Maclean's, Concept Group is, "a participative management culture where opinions of workers are valued and respected."

Clark Builders in Edmonton, a construction and engineering firm, comes in as the 12th best company to work for in Canada, apart from coming in fifth in Canada. According to Maclean's, "with 49 per cent of the firm employee-owned, workers can be investors in the future success of Clark Builders."

Canadian Western Bank in Edmonton is also the eighth best company to work for in Canada. According to Maclean's, "personal development and career progression is helped by internal training, career planning and education assistance of up to 100 per cent of tuition."

Bennett Jones LLP, a legal services firm based out of Calgary, has become a mainstay on this list, appearing 13 times prior and finishing fifth in Canada and third in Alberta. According to Maclean's, "a formal recognition program for service is enhanced by spot awards of gift certificates and concert tickets."

ATB Financial, the perennial Alberta financial services firm based in Edmonton, comes third in Canada and second in Alberta. According to Maclean's, "an intensive development process called Masterful Leadership is designed to sharpen managerial skills."

Aecon Group Inc., a construction and engineering industry player co-based in Calgary and Toronto, also topped the list Canada-wide. Aecon has made the list seven years. According to Maclean's, Aecon topped the list - both in Alberta and overall in Canada - for the following reasons. *A rigorous “safety-first” culture is celebrated at an annual company-wide safety day. *An ownership culture is developed through a share purchase plan and profit-sharing. *The annual employee conference features leading speakers, such as Chris Hadfield.

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Why it made the cut: Invests in ongoing employee development with tuition subsidies for job-related courses taken at outside institutions (to $2, 000), online training programs and subsidies for professional accreditation. Helps employees save for retirement with generous contributions to a matching RSP plan (to 9% of salary). Offers additional financial benefits including referral bonuses (to $1, 500), year-end bonuses and a share purchase plan available to all employees. Manages a flexible health benefits plan which allows employees to customize levels of coverage according to their needs - unused credits may be transferred to salary or savings plan or be used toward additional time off. Provides maternity leave top-up payments to employees who are new mothers (to 100% of salary for 6 weeks) and offers extended health benefits coverage throughout the duration of their leave.

Why it made the cut: Provides maternity leave top-up payments to employees who are new mothers (to 70% of salary for 6 weeks). Helps employees balance work and their personal life through flexible work hours, compressed work week option and a formal earned days-off program. Supports ongoing employee development through subsidies for job-related courses and professional accreditation, in-house and online training programs, formal mentoring and in-house apprenticeship opportunities.

Why it made the cut: New employees start at three weeks of paid vacation allowance and receive additional paid personal days-off which can be scheduled throughout the year. Supports continued skills development through in-house and online training programs, formal mentoring, leadership training and subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation. Encourages children of employees to pursue post-secondary education through a generous academic scholarship program (to $10, 000 per child). Provides maternity leave top-up payments to employees who are new mothers (to 100% of salary for 8 weeks) and offers extended health benefits coverage throughout the duration of their leave Helps employees balance work and their personal life through flexible work hours, shortened work week option and a formal earned-days off program.

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