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The best way for a consumer to search for the best home phone service option is by researching multiple providers. The three levels of determination should include pricing, features/benefits, and reliability. The goal of every consumer who searches for residential service is to find something that is cost-efficient but still packed with features that will help him or her have a productive life. Additionally, every consumer appreciates a reliable service. Elements such as crystal-clear calls, long battery life, and few to no restrictions are the things that a consumer will appreciate the most out of a residential telephone service package.

Residential VoIP Service

VoIP is a term that means Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is an advanced technology that changes voice signals into digital signals and then transfers them to high-speed networks. One of the main advantages of using VoIP service is that the customer can use VoIP anywhere that he or she has a broadband connection. Therefore, businesspersons and frequent travelers can have their VoIP connections on the go.

Another advantage to using VoIP service is customization. Customers are not able to choose their own area code when they select traditional service and some other forms of services such as wireless service. Normally, the provider selects the area code based on where the customer lives, and that person does not have much say in the matter. VoIP service allows a consumer to have many freedoms such as choosing an area code that is not in the same location that he or she lives. This option provides the customer with an alternative option that can help with business calls.

The features that come with VoIP phone service are plentiful. Customers who choose a VoIP package can have access to exciting features such as call waiting, caller ID, unlimited calling, international calling, call blocking, call forwarding, three-way calling, and 24-hour customer service options. VoIP plans can be as low as $5.99 per month with the aforementioned features included in the plan. VoIP is an amazingly cost-effective and user-friendly service for any consumer who is concerned mostly about the price.

DSL Phone Service

DSL phone service is a speedy service that runs over copper lines. This service is similar to traditional phone service is some ways, but it differs in terms of speed and convenience. The service comes with a modem that can allow the customer to have an Internet connection and telephone line connection at the same time. DSL providers usually bundle the telephone service with the Internet services.

The prices for DSL services can be as low as $19.95 per month, and they can rise according to the Internet plan. Some DSL providers require their customers to sign up for contracts to receive the deflated pricing. A DSL plan could work with a person’s budget, but it may not be the most cost-effective solution.

The benefit to having DSL service over traditional residential phone service is that the consumer can obtain Internet services at the same time. DSL service is faster than dialup service is, and the customer can use the phone service and the computer at the same time. In the days of traditional landlines and dialup service, customers could not use the phone and the computer at the same time. Therefore, the DSL option is a few steps above traditional landline service.

A disadvantage of DSL service is its reliability. The reliability of a DSL-based residential phone line depends on its closeness to the provider. Customers who are more than 18, 000 feet away from the provider may not have service at all. Additionally, a DSL user may experience busy lines if a large amount of users is occupying the same service. Holidays and emergencies may be tricky in these situations.

Traditional Home Phone Service

Traditional home phone service or landline service has been around for a long time. It consists of various connections to underground wires and a device that connects to a jack inside the user’s home. Traditional landline service was popular for many decades, but consumers are now replacing this service for wireless telephone connections and other beneficial options.

The advantage to having traditional landline services is that it provides clarity and a stable connection. Traditional phone service has two large disadvantages, however. The first disadvantage is immobility. A consumer cannot take landline service to a store, place of employment, or any other area. The user is confined to the home for all phone calls. Additionally, traditional landline service is expensive in comparison to other types of residential home service. The average monthly cost of landline service from one of the top providers is approximately $49.99.

Wireless Home Phone Service

Wireless home phone service is the route that a great deal of consumers are taking, especially when they are on the go. Cell phone service providers offer wireless phone service on a prepaid or post-paid basis. A wide range of wireless service providers exists, and they offer plans that have a fair mix of additional features. A customer may be able to get extra features such as voicemail and caller ID with a wireless plan, and he or she will have access to some advanced cell phone technologies such as mobile hotspot.

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