OHL Group

OHL is an international group operating in the field of construction, franchising and services. It is one of the largest construction companies in Spain.

Members of the OHL Group have been successfully providing their professional construction services on a national as well as international level for more than 100 years. Over the last years, the OHL Group has been growing in a dynamic manner, with its international activities turning it into one of the largest multinational groups. Nowadays, it operates in twenty countries on four continents.

The Line of Business of the OHL Group

The main line of business of the OHL Group is the construction of transport infrastructure and the franchise of its operation.

In the building industry, OHL has been successfully developing its operations in transport infrastructure construction (roads, railways, ports and airports), water-management construction (dams, aqueducts and channels), pipeline transportation systems (gas pipelines, oil pipelines), ecological construction (desalination plants, sewage treatment plants), power engineering construction (hydroelectric power stations, facilities for power production using alternative sources), and residential as well as non-residential buildings (hospitals, administrative buildings, sport centres, schools).

Alongside these activities, OHL also secures the maintenance of these structures along with the redevelopment and reconstruction of many others.

On the basis of franchising, the company participates in the construction, administration and operation of motorways, trading ports, airports and railways.

Professionalism of the OHL Group

The company is fully qualified to implement its projects successfully, offering a complex range of related activities, such as feasibility studies, engineering and design documents, construction, maintenance and subsequent operation of a finished project. It prepares analyses for project funding, and often uses the advantages of its financial sources to make contributions to the funds required for their implementation.

OHL has at its disposal qualified personnel and state of the art technical equipment. It has the capacities to meet any requirement of its customers. One of OHL’s priorities is sustainable development. Therefore, the Group applies the most modern management methods and implements its activities with respect to the environment.


The range of projects completed by the OHL Group boasts a number of roads, bridges, dams, waterways and channels but also includes tunnels, railways, oil pipelines and gas pipelines. We can also mention surface, transport and also residential and non-residential construction:

  • motorways, parking lots,
  • power stations,
  • hospitals,
  • commercial premises,
  • administrative buildings,
  • schools, sports arenas, etc.

Objectives of the OHL Group

The OHL Group, as a company specializing in the building industry and diversified in its activities, is characterized with a high growth potential. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life for people and create values under the conditions of economic, social and ecological sustainability with respect to the specific interests and requirements of investors, customers, the Group’s employees and the team of people and institutions interested in its proper functioning.

OHL Cup 2015 London Jr Knights vs Elite Hockey Group US
OHL Cup 2015 ___ London Jr Knights vs Elite Hockey Group US
VanDrie Group - Frauke Ohl
VanDrie Group - Frauke Ohl
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